Want to work with me?

There are 4 options!

Healing water

You can click here to purchase a Kangen machine and you’ll get on myteam to distribute the best, most healing water in the world. 


This comes with having me as your business partner / life coach. 

Abundant financial freedom and emotional freedom? GO ON THEN!!!

Activation call

Book an activation call.

Sometimes all it takes is one good conversation with someone who can offer a shadows slaying opinion.

Email me at thealchemistanarchist@gmail.com to book your zoom call. 

£155 for 90 mins 


Twice a year, in March and October, I run a 6 week group container, Rewire. 

£666 for 6 weeks. 

Click here to enrol on our next journey starting in October 2022.


1-1 coaching

My most intimate offering. Please note that I only have the capacity for 1 client at a time. 

£1500 for a 6 week container that includes 1 x 90min zoom call a week. 

Payable in 3 instalments of £500.

Please email at thealchemistanarchist@gmail.com for further details. 

Next availability May 2022.