Are you truly ready to commit to your growth and live a life in freedom? Not everyone is. To paraphrase The Truman Show, the majority prefer the cell.

I did. I was “awake”. A quick look at my work and writings from the last 6 years will show that. I knew of the tactics used to keep me enslaved, and yet still I remained in my cell. Numbing myself every night with Netflix and weed. I’d share motivational quotes about living your best life on social media captioning it “This!!” while sitting on my sofa mindlessly scrolling through my phone.

It wasn’t until faced with the loss of my human liberties, that I truly made the leap. Leaving the Uk proved to be my prison breakout…..both in body and mind.

And upon reflection, the tools that I used that help me break away and reclaim my sovereignty, I had been accumulating over time. My arsenal of self-help tools that helped me break through the cell bars had grown every time I had invested in myself. I hadn’t bought new clothes, or pieces for the house in years (which you’re programmed to do by the way) instead I had invested in myself. Everything from Wim Hoff Courses, to Nutrition courses, to self-sabotage courses to manifestation coaches. I worked out that I had spent over £20,000 in the last 3 years on self-help and self-development….and it paid off, in more abundant ways than I could ever have imagined.

I have continued to invest in myself. There is rarely a time that I am not under the guidance or mentorship of someone I deem to be an expert in whatever field I am wanting to develop within myself. The services I offer are for people who have looked deep within themselves and HAVE decided that they want to take that leap into freedom. Who wants to break free from their cell in mind and body.

If you’re ready to go from sharing the motivational quote on social media, to standing up and actually LIVING the inspirational quote, have a look below and

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1-1 coaching

For 1-1 coaching please book a consultation call to see if I can help. (If we choose to work together, this will be deducted from your coaching fees)
This is intense one on one work that needs to be a whole body YES!

Please note that due to the intensity of these sessions I am only able to work with 2 clients a month and there is a waiting list.
Next availability begins on June 14th.

Group coaching

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£75 for 50 Minutes