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rEwire – My thoughts and belief systems


rEclaim – My Power


rEmember – who I am and what I came here to do


rEjoice – that I get to go out there and manifest my dream reality


rElax – into a state of surrender and trust


Launching on Ostara (21st March) and culminating on Beltane (May 1st)… a 6 week journey to shed what is weighing you down and push you to step into the highest version of yourself: A walking, talking, manifesting, priestess.

I’ll be sharing my personal journey with you… alongside all the ways to tune into your instinct, how to recognise the programming, how to reprogramme your thoughts to create your dream reality, how to stop self sabotaging… AND MORE.

There isn’t a word to describe this experience. It’s not a course, it’s not a workshop… It’s a 6 week journey where we will travel together, unpeeling the layers of our subconscious and emerging as empowered, manifesting, warrior, queens.

I’ve been working on this course throughout the winter… tuning in and asking what it is that women really need to hear in order to be able to access the most magical parts of themselves.

You’ll learn all about how you are in a conscious relationship with the universe… and how you can cultivate that relationship to give you anything at all that your heart desires.

4 years ago, I was fresh out of the worst depression of my life. I was barely making ends meet. I was carrying around decades of trauma… sex work shame… guilt. I was angry ALL the time. I would wake up pissed off and go to bed exhausted. I would snap at my children all the time… I scrolled social media all day, and binge watched Netflix all night… and this was while I considered myself to be “awake!”

Now my life is one long, miraculous adventure. I live directly in my vision board. I wake up so happy and thrilled that I get to be alive. I go to bed satisfied, nourished and grateful. I dine out all the time, I have a busy diary full of magical events with like minded, conscious souls. I can’t remember the last time I snapped at my children. Money and opportunity come easily to me and my self sabotage habits get nipped in the bud as soon as they attempt to re-appear. And as for any of the “current, global restrictions?”… they quite literally haven’t featured, once, in my reality.

All of this is available to you. Money is completely and utterly irrelevant (you’ll learn this on the journey!)


My yearly income still hasn’t exceeded what it was in the UK yet. Money hasn’t featured when providing for my dream life. In fact, when I left the UK in June 2020, I had less than £500 in my bank account and for the next 10 months, I earned less than 6k in total. I was still staying in apartments with private beaches, and travelling freely, and dining out…and quite frankly living like some sort of glamorous reality star. The best beaches, the best accommodation, the best people, the best places….all have been as a direct result of intuitive action (another thing you’ll learn!)

In May 2020 I was newly single, had been sacked from my job, was soon to be homeless, and had less than £600 to my name. 

Between June 2020 and now, I have manifested the following – 


  • Flights out of the country when apparently the borders were closed ✔️
  • A caravan in Crete ✔️
  • A converted horsebox in Portugal ✔️
  • An apartment with a private beach ✔️ 
  • Forest schools for my children (this was massive. I found the only school in Portugal that stayed open during the January ’21 lockdown…. The owner was a fearless freedom fighter) ✔️
  • Soul family at every single turn. ✔️


… And my most recent manifestation. A beautiful, off grid, very affordable home in the mountains. On the land of an incredible friend, another freedom fighter. With a natural pool, goats, and chickens ✔️

I’m combining two factors in this 6 week transformational journey. The incredible coaching techniques that I acquired training as a coach under Jason Christoff to help break our self sabotage habits… and the manifestation formula that I have witnessed work with my own actions time and time and time again. Since June 2020, I have repeatedly been living in my vision board. 

I want to show each and everyone of you how to do the same.

You have a phone in your hand all day. You can use it to empower yourself or distract yourself. Which are you going to choose? 

And of course we are launching and working with the natural cycles!!

We will begin on Ostara and end on Beltane.

If everything inside of you is screaming “YES!! I AM IN!!!” then lemme give you the deets!!


A 6 week transformational journey beginning 21st March and culminating 1st May.


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🌼 Newly added bonus content!! 3 zoom webinars with dear friends already living in freedom who can help to take practical steps to exit the system… focusing on business building, unschooling and an introduction to crypto.

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