Group Coaching

When I started understanding more about our true connection to source, I started seeing the truth all around me. I began seeing the programming all around me, but in seeing it, was able to rewire it.


Years after I had realised that everything that we’d ever been fed was a lie, I encountered what I now refer to as my “dark night of the soul”. 

It began in 2017, when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, and enveloped me for 2 whole years. I began a messy healing journey full of inner child and shadow work….it was messy, and gory, and dark……but when I stepped out into the light, it was glorious.


It was towards the end of that chapter in my life that I began understanding my true power. 

Freebirthing a child will do that to you. Make you aware of the innate goddess power within you. Time and space no longer exist as you transcend through the portal of your own womb to find your childs soul in the stars. You return to earth a priestess, intimately aware of her divine power. I didn’t truly understand the art of creating my own reality until Covid hit and I was faced with the ultimate leap of faith. I left the country with no money and no plan…..just the ability to create my reality at every single turn. God provided homes, friends, family, food, money and more. 




And it is all of this that I guide you through in the group coaching container.

From recognising the programming that is all around you, to the best ways to help heal your inner child and stop self sabotaging, to how to manifest your dream reality.

Anything at all that you have seen me achieve is available for you too. I’m using tools that are exclusive to my arsenal.

Not only will I be empowering you with the training I received under Jason Christoff, but I will be sharing with you the techniques and exercises that I used to help me break free in every sense of the word.

This is some serious shit that we’re dealing with. I’m talking suppressed trauma and mass hypnosis that has been affecting you your WHOLE life.


This isn’t a “picture your perfect life and you’ll get it” course.


This is a “let’s look at every single area in your life that is holding you back…. From your child hood trauma to your unbalanced chakras to your self sabotage habits to the mass programming you’ve been subject to, and let’s undo all that and rebuild you into a manifesting machine working in alignment with their human design” course.


I don’t even particularly like to use the word course….This is a journey that you’re about to embark on. 

Nothing is a quick fix. EVERYTHING takes work. And the first messy job is to undo the dark programming that been influencing you. 


Upon signing up for this work, we will first look at your human design profile. Before we even get started, you’ll start looking at where you are most easily influenced…. Yes, there’s prep work!! 


In week one we’ll go deep into the programming you’ve been subject to, into the inner child demons you’re still entertaining, into the dark shadows of the trauma instilled in you.


In week 2, we’ll look at ways to work through the trauma. Expect chakra balancing, purging, inner child work, breathwork…. The list goes on.


In week 3 we’ll start developing healthy habits and reprogramming our thoughts. Get ready to dance your ass off and start loving on yourself. No more quick wanks, mindless social media scrolling or friends reruns for you my love. You’ll realise you’re a goddess priestess and start acting like it. 


Week 4 is THE BEST WEEK!!!!

Visualisation and manifesting your dream reality. Start working out what you want now, because it’s yours for the taking….all in alignment with your human design.


Remember, someone can only take you as far as they have taken themselves.

So what do you get?

This is going to be a 4 week programme where we delve deep into the programming you’ve been subject to since birth, and focus on how to reprogramme ourselves for a life of freedom and abundance.

In May 2020 I was facing eviction from my rented ex council house. I was newly single and was spending my days in a blind panic, and my evenings scrolling Netflix and getting stoned.

In 2021 I have found homes in every single corner of the globe that I have decided to visit, I have a thriving business and I have a true innerstanding that my thoughts create my entire reality.

I want to teach every single soul on earth that they are capable of the same.

In the words of Funkadelic….

“Free your mind and your ass will follow”


How is it delivered?

Every Monday you will receive an email with access to a video webinar from me with accompanying links to follow and exercises to complete. The video will go live at 9am every Monday but you’ll be able to watch it at a time that suits you. You will be  added to a WhatsApp group where you can garner support from other queens on the course and where there will be a live Q & A with me every Friday. 


BE WARNED, the first two weeks will be an intense wake up call. It’s never easy coming to the realisation that you’re not in control of your own thoughts. We also dive deep into inner child work in week 2. This is integral to the end result. You cannot be a vibrational match for magical manifestation if you aren’t shedding what is weighing you down. 


Who is it for?

This is for anyone who is ready to admit that their thoughts aren’t their own.

Are you ready to admit that you’ve been getting programmed since the day you arrived earthside? Are you ready to admit that your thoughts aren’t your own and that you have no idea of the divine power that lurks within you?

This is for you if you’ve answered yes to these questions and you’re ready to stand up and start living your best life.


This is a journey that I want to embark on with you.

A journey that will open your eyes to truth and power.

That will have you dancing with your shadows and vibrating in truth.

And when you’re vibrating in truth, ANYTHING is possible.

Biba x

“If you truly understood the power of your thoughts, you’d understand why they go to so much effort to control them”

– Biba Tanya