Group Coaching

So what do you get?

This is going to be a 4 week course where we delve deep into the programming you’ve been subject to since birth, and focus on how to reprogramme ourselves for a live of freedom and abundance.
In April 2020 I was facing eviction from my rented ex council house. I was newly single and was spending my days in a blind panic, and my evenings scrolling Netflix and getting stoned.
It’s now April 2021. I’ve found homes in every single corner of the globe that I have decided to visit, I have a thriving business and I have a true innerstanding that my thoughts create my entire reality.
I want to teach every single soul on earth that they are capable of the same.
In the words of Funkadelic….”Free your mind and your ass will follow”

How is it delivered?

Over the course of four weeks, every Tuesday morning, you’ll receive an email with access to a video webinar from me with an accompanying workbook. The video will go live 9am every Tuesday, but you’ll be able to watch it at a time that suits you. On Friday, there will be a live zoom call with me where you can ask any questions. There will be also be the option to be added to a facebook group where you can garner support from other queens on the course.
**The zoom Q&A will be recorded and emailed out on Saturdays to anyone who was unable to attend.
Be warned, the first week will be an intense wake up call. Its never easy coming to the realisation that you’re not in control of your own thoughts.

Why the new moon?

New moons are always about beginnings, a time when things take root, and a Taurus new moon is especially focused on doing things that are real. Its about making something happen that has substance to it.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who is ready to admit that their thoughts aren’t their own.
Are you ready to admit that you’ve been getting programmed since the day you arrived earthside? Are you ready to admit that you’re thoughts aren’t your own and that you have no idea of the divine power that lurks within you?
This course is for you if you’ve answered yes to these questions and you’re ready to stand up and start living your best life.

Want to know more?

Watch the video!!!

Ok, I’m in… much is it?

For those who are ready to commit right here, right now, there is an early bird discount from today until midnight on Friday 30th where you can

sign up for just £299.

That’s 28 days of coaching for just over £10 a day

For those of you on the fence, enrolment will stay open until Sunday 9th May where you can sign up for £555.

In delivering this course, I am pulling on all the training I have had myself as a self sabotage coach….but what I’m drawing on from my soul, is my experience.

The experience that took me from sitting on my coach mindlessly scrolling social media every night and dreaming of a better life, to where I am now. Living my best life, chasing sunshine and freedom. The experiences that taught me how to be a manifesting queen

Believe me when I say that the only thing that has changed in that time is my mindset. The moment I took control of my thoughts, I took control of my life….and the speed at with which things began to happen for me took my breath away.

Are you ready to do the same?

Are you ready to go from sharing the inspirational quote on social media to actually LIVING & EMBODYING the inspirational quote?

“If you truly understood the power of your thoughts, you’d understand why they go to so much effort to control them”

– Biba Tanya