My name is Biba Tanya, and in March 2020 I watched in horror as the world around me began sleepwalking into their own black mirror hell.

I was working as a freelance broadcast journalist, who had devoted the past 6 years of my life to telling anyone who would listen about pharmaceutical corruption and the medical mafia.

Do you know where it got me? Ostracised from the mainstream media and locked in my house while every moron around me donned a mask to walk in single file round a supermarket stocking up on GMO shite. To go home and plonk their arses infront of the brainwashing box….only standing up when instructed to, to applaud their captures every Thursday night….like trained seals with Stockholm syndrome.

I shared my horrified views via a stream of video rants and writings that you may or may not have seen ( and in June 2020, while it was still essential travel only, I took my 2 young daughters and left the UK.

We’ve traveled ever since. On a never-ending quest to chase sunshine and freedom wherever we see it. We’ve lived everywhere….from caravans to communes, to olive farms. We’ve stayed in luxury hotels and we’ve slept in hammocks under the stars.

I am a qualified self-sabotage coach and Wim Hoff devotee while also being a home birthing, unschooling mother.

When faced with my biggest fear in March 2020, I “Faced Everything And Rose”

I want to help others do the same.

I want to see every single soul on earth

Rise up in alchemy,

Rise up in anarchy,

And take back what is rightfully theirs….

A life in freedom.

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One day when I am old
And my children come to me
They’ll ask a poignant question
When did the world stop being free?

Mum, what were you doing,
When the world was closing down?
Mum, did you stay silent,
When they shut the shops in town?

Did you really clap on doorsteps
And for Captain Tom you cheered?
Did you give up on Sunday worship.
While our freedoms disappeared?

Were you busy watching Netflix,
While furlough drained the purse?
Did you order endless takeaways,
And ignore the lockdowns curse?

Did you ever see a future
Like the one that we are in
Where freedom for the masses
Is a memory growing dim?

Mum, were you complicit
Is a question they will ask
Did you speak up or were you silenced,
Were you muted by the masks?

I will tell them of the struggle
To find truth where others lied,
I will tell them how I spoke up
And share how hard I tried

I will speak of the propaganda
People blinded by the fear
“I am sorry” I will tell them
I watched freedom disappear

It was not for lack of trying
I fought with truth and fact
But the media played dirty
Used emotion to distract

With data out of context
And skewed science on the throne
I watched in desperation
Imprisoned in our home

So I chose to step away
And not follow the advice
And that’s why we live in freedom
In our off grid paradise

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